The Concept For IZNEET

We’re Here For You


We are here for girls who never felt love like they should have when they were younger, the love that's not brought by a man, or a parent or someone else, but the love that is brought on from within. We are here for girls who were told being beautiful is being stick thin, we don't believe in beauty standards and are here for women of all walks of life. IZNEET is a brand about growing a community of women who found beauty from within, we are your rock, your stable place in a world where everyone has left us behind, and we're using lashes as our vehicle to do this.

Why Us:

IZNEET is a brand that’s here to bring the best out in women, and we’re doing that our way, through eyelashes. We want women to feel empowered, loved, wanted and desired and most importantly accepted. We feel that the industry has been turned into a display of vanity and has left the normal everyday woman behind and we want to change that. We know it’s easier said than done and it’s a long road ahead and nothing happens over night, but we want this community of women and the feeling our lashes give them to be a small part of that. We hope our message resonates with you and inspires you to first and foremost, feel better and second join us as we embark on this journey.

Meet The GIRLIES Family:

The IZNEET girlies are a group of women who are inspiring change in their lives through beauty. We say no to conventional beauty standards and see the beauty in all women, regardless of their shape, size color or outer features. We look inside, because we know beauty comes from within. This community is a group of girls who are just your every day women who need an extra dose of confidence in their lives. We want you to join us and be a part of that.

See for your self what it means to be part of the GIRLIES family.

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