Heeeeey Girls! I absoltuely love what IZNEET is doing here, I know what it’s like to have no confidence days and knowing that I have a group of girls who are with me through it all means a lot. Lashes are seriously an amazing source of confidence, I feel like a new woman in them, showing them off means the world to me. Makes me feel that much more prettier on some my bad days.

R&D Capabilities:

There are two primary missions of the R & D team. First mission is to constantly understand and expand the needs of consumers around the world for eyelash products, including the material, style, price and so on. The other mission is to continuously develop and innovate the types and quality of our eyelash products to better service market and improve the core competitiveness of our products.

To meet these demands, the R & D team is fully focused on exploiting the trends of the eyelash market all over the world, maintaining close cooperation with existing customers and expanding the potential customers.

Cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results are the fundamental basis for our R & D team to carry out all the work.

Quality Control:

In the heart of IZNEET people, product quality is our vitality. Like our service, there is no best only better.

The quality control covers every key point of eyelash production. The QC manager will randomly select products from the production line for quality check, including raw material stability, component integrity, color consistency, arrangement coordination, etc. Only products that meet the quality control requirements are allowed to be provided to our customers.

Company Certifications:

BV certification and products quality certification by SGS

Team Introductions:

Sustainability is the fundamental concept of IZNEET. With our efforts, we hope to continuously meet and realize the consumers' pursuit of beauty and consistently serve the customers with high-quality.

Our vision is to be a maker and deliver of beauty, and we are already on the way!

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